Fossil Shell Flour©
against fleas & bugs
Fossil Shell Flour

Safe, natural and non-toxic insecticide

This substance brings extraordinary health benefits to humans, plants and animals.

FSF Diatomaceous Earth against fleas.

To effectively eliminate fleas you have to apply FSF Diatomaceous Earth on all surfaces at the same time, i.e. dog’s or cat’s fur, bed linen, the yard, etc. Everything must be covered with FSF powder at the same time, because only 5% to 15% of fleas that you see are adult specimen. The remaining 85% to 95% are larva or eggs. For this reason, you should repeat the FSF dusting until the total removal of unwanted bugs (usually this takes 2-3 weeks).

Take some FSF Diatomaceous Earth in your hand and rub it in the coat of your pet at least 2-3 times a week. You can use a special duster. Do the same thing with bedding, carpets, floors and everywhere where you suspect fleas may be present. Dust the entrance to the room to prevent fleas getting inside. 

FSF Diatomaceous Earth against bedbugs.

Dust the FSF on bedding and the mattress, paying particular attention to any folds. Bedbugs cannot fly; therefore, cover bed stands with Diatomaceous Earth so bugs that want to leave the bed or get to the bed can be destroyed. Move the bed away from the wall and do not allow linen to touch the floor. Dust all carpets, rugs and room corners with FSF. Take out all plugs from electrical sockets and apply some FSF into the sockets. Repeat the dusting process for 5-6 days to completely eliminate bedbugs.


FSF Diatomaceous Earth for other pests and unwanted bugs (ants, aphids, caterpillars, pill bugs, cabbage stem flea beetle, common fruit fly, earwig, lice, mites, cockroaches, silverfish, snails, slugs, spiders, flies, house cricket)

Dust the FSF powder everywhere where you have problems with bugs. This may include internal walls, corners, skirting boards, etc. Repeat dusting of FSF Diatomaceous Earth several times in case of bugs with larva and/or eggs. You may also apply about 5 cm thick layer of FSF Diatomaceous Earth in front of the entrance to prevent crawling bugs from getting in.


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Fossil Shell Flour

Recommendations and precautions

  • Do not let FSF Diatomaceous Earth get to your eyes. Diatomaceous Earth, being a drying agent, may cause dry eyes. Avoid prolonged inhalations of high concentrations of dusted FSF, as it may lead to irritation of the respiratory system. Use face mask (or be very careful) in particular when you have problems with lungs and respiratory tract or if you are asthmatic. Do not put too much FSF on rugs, carpets, etc., as it may have negative effect on vacuum cleaners.
  • NEVER USE crystalline varieties of Diatomaceous Earth which is not of food grade, used for filtration. It may cause damage to yourself or your animals
  • Using Diatomaceous Earth for purposes other than those authorized by EPA, USDA or FDA is subject to strict restriction laws.
  • As a dietary supplement, Diatomaceous Earth may not be used as a substitute of varied diet. Dietary supplements do not replace balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Traditional use of Diatomaceous Earth as a dietary supplement does not guarantee exact results you want.
  • Our products used as dietary supplement do not replace proper diagnosis of any condition or disease without a consultation with a veterinarian or appropriate physician. If you, your child or your pet take any medications, contact your physician or a veterinarian before you start using FSF Diatomaceous Earth to consult any potential interactions with the medications. Also, contact you physician or veterinarian when you have any doubts concerning the use of FSF Diatomaceous Earth.

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