Fossil Shell Flour ®
for Animals
Fossil Shell Flour

Elimination of parasites present in animals

detoxification and intestine cleansing, assistance in remnants elimination of bacteria, fungi, mould, protozoa, endotoxins, insecticide and drug residues, as well as cations of heavy metals, cleansing intestines of the lingering mucus and hardened material

Food grade FSF Diatomaceous Earth is also responsible for non-toxic and environmentally safe elimination of parasites, fleas, ticks, bedbugs, lice, ants, aphids, and other pests. Diatomaceous Earth safely eliminates insects and parasites through physical (not chemical) destruction. Therefore, it is harmless and safe for people, plants, pets and farm animals. Microscopic, hard and sharp cylindrical shells of FSF destroy chitinous shells of insects and absorb water causing destruction and drying out of insects and parasites.

Just like in people, biologically active silicon strengthens muscle and vascular systems of animals, helps treat osteoporosis, decreases allergies, decreases frequency of upper respiratory tract infections, decreases constipation, improves healing of bone fractures, and additionally, in chickens, improves productivity of hens, improves quality of eggs, and physical form of farm chickens.


The photograph below shows the effect of diet rich in silicon vs. silicon poor diet

(Silicon as an essential trace element in animal nutrition, Edith Muriel Carlisle, School of Public Health, University of California, Los Angeles).


FSF Diatomaceous Earth is safe for pregnant animals. 

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Fossil Shell Flour

Improvement of animal well-being.

Recommended daily portions of FSF Diatomaceous Earth for animals

Daily dose of FSF Diatomaceous Earth depends on the animal and its weight. Also, just like in people, you should start administration with a small dose and slowly increase the portion to the following values:


½ teaspoon


1 teaspoon


from ½ to 1 teaspoon

Dogs weighing less than 16 kg

1 teaspoon

Dogs weighing between 16 and 45 kg

1 tablespoon

Dogs weighing more than 45 kg

2 tablespoons


from ½ to 1 cup (100-200 grams)

Cattle, dairy cows, goats and sheep

2% of dry weight added to feed

Hens and chickens

5% of dry weight added to feed
Fossil Shell Flour

Recommendations and precautions

  • Do not let FSF Diatomaceous Earth get to your eyes. Diatomaceous Earth, being a drying agent, may cause dry eyes. Avoid prolonged inhalations of high concentrations of dusted FSF, as it may lead to irritation of the respiratory system. Use face mask (or be very careful) in particular when you have problems with lungs and respiratory tract or if you are asthmatic. Do not put too much FSF on rugs, carpets, etc., as it may have negative effect on vacuum cleaners.
  • NEVER USE crystalline varieties of Diatomaceous Earth which is not of food grade, used for filtration. It may cause damage to yourself or your animals
  • Using Diatomaceous Earth for purposes other than those authorized by EPA, USDA or FDA is subject to strict restriction laws.
  • As a dietary supplement, Diatomaceous Earth may not be used as a substitute of varied diet. Dietary supplements do not replace balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Traditional use of Diatomaceous Earth as a dietary supplement does not guarantee exact results you want.
  • Our products used as dietary supplement do not replace proper diagnosis of any condition or disease without a consultation with a veterinarian or appropriate physician. If you, your child or your pet take any medications, contact your physician or a veterinarian before you start using FSF Diatomaceous Earth to consult any potential interactions with the medications. Also, contact you physician or veterinarian when you have any doubts concerning the use of FSF Diatomaceous Earth.

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