Fossil Shell Flour ®
for Humans
Fossil Shell Flour

Organism detoxification and cleansing of digestive system

Ziemia Okrzemkowa FSF oczyszcza jelita i skutkuje lepszą obroną przed pasożytami i chorobami.

After several months of taking FSF Diatomaceous Earth your bowels are clean and as a consequence you get many health benefits, resulting from more effective absorption of nutritional elements. Detoxification improves your immune system, resulting in better defense against unwanted guests and diseases.

Single dose of diatomaceous earth contains millions of negatively charged diatom shells, attracting positively charged remnants of bacteria, fungi, mould, protozoa, endotoxins, insecticide and drug residues, as well as cations of heavy metals, binding them in the cylindrical structure of the shells and leave the digestive system through the mechanism of defecation. It was also found that methylmercury [CH3Hg]+ is absorbed (mercury is released from amalgamate tooth fillings and transforms to methylmercury in your bowels) and protein-like toxins produced as a result of digestive system poisoning.

Additionally, shell cylinders are very hard and have sharp edges, and when they pass through your intestine they scrape its walls, removing contamination from your body without damage to your intestine mucous membrane and walls.

Stwierdzono również fakt absorbowania związków metyl rtęciowych [CH3Hg]+(rtęć uwalnia się z wypełnienia amalgamatowego zęba a przebywając w jelicie tworzy związki metyl rtęciowe) oraz białkopodobnych toksyn produkowanych w wyniku zatruć układu pokarmowego.

Dodatkowo pancerzykowe cylindry są bardzo twarde i mają ostre krawędzie, a przechodząc przez jelito delikatnie skrobią jego ściany wymiatając zanieczyszczenia z organizmu nie uszkadzając błon śluzowych i ścian jelita.


FSF Diatomaceous Earth 

We do have unique knowledge of the applications of Diatomaceous Earth. Over fifty years of experience in domestic and international business proves our practical knowledge in this area.

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Fossil Shell Flour

General condition improvement

FSF Diatomaceous Earth, composed of silica SiO2through its hydrolysis in the stomach to biologically active orthosilicic acid has got many healing properties

  • significantly improves the condition of your skin, hair and nails due to an increase of silicon level caused by the use of FSF Diatomaceous Earth


  • it improves muscular and vascular systems decreasing the risk of injuries and speeds up healing of wounds and fractures supporting production of collagen and elastin not only preventing wrinkles, but also improving the condition of connective tissue, present in cartilaginous tissue, tendons, ligaments and vascular system (and some internal organs)


  • prevents osteoporosis and reverses existing osteoporosis. Research conducted by biophysicists Louis Kervan and Dr. Richard Barmakian shows that the role of silicon in forming and reconstruction of bones is more important that the role of calcium. Bones were healing at higher speed with small amounts of calcium and large amounts of silicon
  • it regulates blood pressure through maintaining integrity, flexibility and permeability of blood vessels


  • additionally, the following effects of using silicon were observed: improvement of brittle hair and nails, strengthening of hair and nails, restoring shine of hair and nails, decrease of joint pain and back pain, increase of vitality, resistance and well-being, decreasing skin problems, such as psoriasis or rash, improvement of arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis), improvement of wound healing (in venous leg ulcers), decreasing infections in upper respiratory tract infections, improvement of allergies such as hay fever or food allergy, prevention of high blood pressure, decrease of the tendency to constipation, decrease insomnia, improvement of sexual potency, improvement of bone fracture healing, support in preventing Alzheimer disease


  • its pH is 8.0

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