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Fossil Shell Flour

Natural agent combating pests

Amorphous food grade FSF® Diatomaceous Earth is used as safe addition to grain, combating mealworms and other pests.

Food grade FSF Diatomaceous Earth is also responsible for non-toxic and environmentally safe elimination of parasites, fleas, ticks, bedbugs, lice, ants, aphids, and other pests. Diatomaceous Earth safely eliminates insects and parasites through physical (not chemical) destruction. Therefore, it is harmless and safe for people, plants, pets and farm animals. Microscopic, hard and sharp cylindrical shells of FSF destroy chitinous shells of insects and absorb water causing destruction and drying out of insects and parasites.


The picture above shows jars to which grain was put in in 1987. The jar on the right has FSF® Diatomaceous Earth. Photograph shows the condition in 2004. As you can see, the jar on the right has no pests in it!

Research conducted by ACRES USA – the oldest and largest US agriculture magazine – shows that grain with Diatomaceous Earth added after 12 months contained 15 pests in comparison to 16,994 pests found in grain not protected by Diatomaceous Earth

FSF® Diatomaceous Earth protects seeds and grains against such pests as: lesser grain borer (rhyzopertha dominica), flat grain beetle (cryptolestes pusillus), acorn weevils, wheat weevil (sitophylus oryzae, calandra), merchant grain beetle (oryzaephilus mercator), sawtoothed grain beetle (oryzaephilus surinamensis syn silvanus surinamensis), red flour beetle (tribolium castaneum, tribolium confusum), mealworm beetle (tenebrio molitor), moths, their larva and many others… 

Grains and seeds that may be protected are: barley, buckwheat, oats, corn, rye, rice, sorghum, millet, sunflower seeds, wheat, and others… After adding  FSF® diatomaceous earth, grain looks a bit “dusty”, the speed of its flow is lowered, but healthy grain will fill larger volume of containers than it would be the case with infected grain.


Naturalny środek zwalczający szkodniki

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Fossil Shell Flour

Instructions for use


FSF® Diatomaceous Earth as an ingredient protecting against pests: add 3.3 kg of FSF® to each ton of grain (0.33%)

At home:

Diatomaceous Earth Suggested proportion is 1 cup of Diatomaceous Earth to 20 kg of grain. Such proportion will be sufficient to protect grains against pests. 

Fossil Shell Flour

Recommendations and precautions

  • Do not let FSF Diatomaceous Earth get to your eyes. Diatomaceous Earth, being a drying agent, may cause dry eyes. Avoid prolonged inhalations of high concentrations of dusted FSF, as it may lead to irritation of the respiratory system. Use face mask (or be very careful) in particular when you have problems with lungs and respiratory tract or if you are asthmatic. Do not put too much FSF on rugs, carpets, etc., as it may have negative effect on vacuum cleaners.
  • NEVER USE crystalline varieties of Diatomaceous Earth which is not of food grade, used for filtration. It may cause damage to yourself or your animals
  • Using Diatomaceous Earth for purposes other than those authorized by EPA, USDA or FDA is subject to strict restriction laws.
  • As a dietary supplement, Diatomaceous Earth may not be used as a substitute of varied diet. Dietary supplements do not replace balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Traditional use of Diatomaceous Earth as a dietary supplement does not guarantee exact results you want.
  • Our products used as dietary supplement do not replace proper diagnosis of any condition or disease without a consultation with a veterinarian or appropriate physician. If you, your child or your pet take any medications, contact your physician or a veterinarian before you start using FSF Diatomaceous Earth to consult any potential interactions with the medications. Also, contact you physician or veterinarian when you have any doubts concerning the use of FSF Diatomaceous Earth.

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